Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Dubai

Functional Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to primarily correct various breathing constrictions by reconstructing weak nasal walls. Functional Rhinoplasty typically involves the repair of internal nasal valves to restore smooth breathing and change the nose’s appearance.

Functional Rhinoplasty is different from Septoplasty, which only involves the septum’s repair. However, Functional Rhinoplasty repairs entire internal nasal valves causing breathing obstructions.

Who is the candidate for Functional Rhinoplasty?

You are considered a good candidate for functional Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping in Dubai if:

  • You have chronic sinus congestion
  • Septoplasty is not sufficient for correcting breathing issues
  • You have a nasal congenital disability with breathing constriction
  • You have enlarged turbinates that create a blockage in the nasal airway
  • You had a botched Rhinoplasty previously
  • You had nasal trauma, tumor, or nasal infection that led to cartilage deformity of the the nose
  • You are in good health
Rhinoplasty in Dubai

Benefits of Functional Rhinoplasty

Some well-known benefits of functional Rhinoplasty are:

 The procedure may be combined with Turbinoplasty or reduction of the turbinates. The turbinates are structures inside the nose that have the function to humidify and heat the air that passes inside the nose towards the lungs.

There are three different types of turbinates in the nose. They are formed by bone, vascular tissue and mucosa. They tend to increase in size and decrease according to blood flow inside the nose.  Sometimes the increase is very important and it produces nasal obstruction. When this occurs there either a need to give medication or the use of a more permanent solution as a reduction. This procedure is called Turbinoplasty. 

Procedure of Functional Rhinoplasty

Before surgery

The surgery is based on a thorough nasal diagnosis involving multiangular nasal scans. Dr. Peter will briefly explain the procedure before taking you to the operating room. You will be given a gown to wear. The doctor will also explain the possibility of blood loss or pain expected from the surgery. He will put you to sleep under  general anesthesia before proceeding with surgery. 

During surgery

Dr. Peter uses the latest technology for the best results. There might be a use to take cartilage from your ear or rib cage to reconstruct if there isn’t enough cartilage in the nose. The principal idea of the functional rhinoplasty is to improve nasal breathing maintaining an adequate external image of your nose. 

This surgery also addresses nasal obstruction due to benign, non-benign growths, polyps, or deviated cartilages contributing to breathing problems. It is indicated to treat allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, or crooked internal nasal chambers.

After surgery

You are supposed to keep your head up for some time after surgery. You will be taken to a rehabilitation room after surgery, where the staff will take care of bleeding nose or other issues if they occur.

Why choose Dr. Peter Baptista for Functional Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping in Dubai?

Unlike cosmetic Rhinoplasty, functional Rhinoplasty may be more complicated as it requires precision both in diagnosis and surgery. Small constrictions such as scars, and benign or non-benign growths, which are hard to identify, can worsen your breathing problems.

Therefore you need to consult an expert rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai who will not only understand your nasal issues thoroughly but will also advise an adapt surgery to your need. Dr. Peter Baptista is a highly qualified ENT specialist and rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai. With 25 years of massive experience, he has done hundreds  nasal surgeries per year successfully. Book an appointment with Dr. Peter Baptista to learn the scope of improvement of your nose reshaping in Dubai.