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Dr. Peter Baptista Jardin is the Best ENT specialist in Dubai with a special interest in treating sleep apnea. He is a revered expert in Spain for performing the first ever robotic transoral surgery in 2011, and the only series of hypoglossal nerve stimulation proved revolutionary for obstructive sleep apnea treatment worldwide. He currently serves as an Otolaryngologist in Dubai’s Al Zahra Hospital.

He perform innovative procedures for treating various ailments of the ears, nose, and throat. All these parts play a crucial role in our sleep cycle and hence require a holistic, specialized treatment approach to ensure better sleep. Dr. Peter, Best ENT Specialist in Dubai has published a myriad of research in this very field and is also a reputed teacher of various student courses on sleep apnea in Spain.

He was named an “Expert in Sleep Medicine” by the European Sleep Research Society. He also holds credit for performing the first successful head and neck surgery with the Robotic Da Vinci Surgical system in Spain.

Dr. Peter also holds a special interest in biomedical research and utilizing new devices and techniques in his surgical procedures.

He has contributed to the field of otorhinolaryngology both via academic teaching and surgical clinical experience. He is credited with a large array of Scientific publications in the field of sleep apnea.

Member & Contributor

Sleep Specialist by The Spanish Sleep Society

Member of the International Society of Sleep Surgery

European Board Certified in Otorhinolaryngology

Sleep Specialist by The European Sleep Research Society

President of the Spanish Commission of Snoring and Sleep Apnea of the SPANISH ENT SOCIETY (SEORL)

Member of the Venezuelan Society of OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY (SVORL)

Member and Founder of the Iberoamerican Society of Sleep Surgery (SIBECS)

Member of The American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery

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