Turbinectomy Surgery in Dubai

What is Turbinoplasty?

A turbinoplasty is a surgery to remodel the turbinates. Turbinates or conchae are small bony structures inside the nose. In total, there are three to four turbinates in the nasal chamber. They clean, warm, and humidify the air passing through the nostrils to the lungs.

Dr. Peter considers the turbinate an essential area of the nose and avoids removing and cutting them. He uses techniques to reduce the size without cutting them

A turbinectoplasty surgery is often indicated for sleep apnea or other breathing-related issues. The procedure is very simple, and recovery is quick.

Who is a candidate for turbinoplasty?

Dr. Peter Baptista may indicate turbinectomy to you:

Typically, nasal sprays can subside turbinate-related issues. However, a turbinoplasty  is beneficial if conservative treatments fail or the person is allergic to nasal steroids.

Turbinoplasty procedure

Turbinoplasty is performed in both nostrils under general anesthesia. Dr. Peter uses the following tools and techniques for performing your turbinectomy surgery in Dubai.

  • An endoscope – This tool is a thin, flexible tube with a lighted camera to continuously see and operate the nose internally.
  • A microdebrider – It is a rotary cutting tool to shave soft bones and cartilage.
  • Cauterization– It is the procedure of burning tissues to remove or close off unwanted tissue.
  • Radiofrequency– It is a procedure to ablate enlarged tissues using high-frequency electrical current or heat.

Dr. Peter inserts an endoscope to inspect the turbinates. Then, he inserts surgical tools to increase and adjust turbinates with cauterization or radio-frequency procedure. Dr. Peter may reduce turbinates as needed according to each patient. He might perform turbinoplasty surgery in Dubai, in conjugation with septoplasty or sinus surgery.

Turbinectomy Surgery

What to expect?

It is a simple procedure that means you can go home the same day or a few hours after surgery. However, the recovery depends on the severity of your condition.

You can expect the following changes after the procedure:

To alleviate your discomfort, the doctor might prescribe you pain medication or a combination of treatments. 

 You will be instructed to avoid:

Most people can return to work the same week and return to a normal routine in three weeks. A turbinoplasty or turbinate reduction helps you to relieve chronic nasal congestion, sleep apnea, or breathing issues.

Dr. Peter Baptista is one of Dubai’s most profound and respected ENT doctors. With a spotless record of successful surgeries, he is highly experienced in turbinoplasty surgery in Dubai. Consult Dr. Peter Baptista to discuss your turbinates or other nasal issues.